Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service (TSLIS) is a company that provides interpretation services for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the  city of Toronto. Providing communication accessibility is an essential service that can only be provided by qualified, trained, skilled individuals which TSLIS will employ and assign to requested clients needing  accessible services.

By providing professional development on a regular basis for our professional interpreters, we strive to  provide quality service to the Deaf community in the Greater Toronto Area.

To view a sample of TSLIS President, Christopher Desloges, interpreting the Obama eulogy speech at the Nelson (Madiba) Mandela memorial, click here.

What is Sign Language Interpreting?

Interpreting happens when two people or two groups of people do not share a common language but need to or want to communicate with each other. In Canada, when Deaf and hearing people interact,  most interpreters provide interpretation in spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL). In some  francophone or bilingual regions in Canada, interpreters provide interpretation in French and langue des signes québécoise (LSQ). Interpreters are knowledgeable in the sign language and culture of Deaf and  hard of hearing persons, and the spoken language and the norms of the (hearing) majority culture.  

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Christopher Desloges

Christopher Desloges


With eight years of experience working as an American Sign Language/English interpreter, and two years scheduling interpreters through the Toronto Sign Language Interpreting Service, I possess a fundamental and unique understanding of providing excellent service to prospective clients. I excel in placement services, matching the right interpreter to the right job. I strive to find the most practical solutions for providing a healthy and functional industry, with a particular focus on sensitivity and understanding. 

+ Experience

  • George Brown College, ASL/English Interpreter 2007 - Present
  • Provided linguistic and cultural mediation for students and faculty
  • Represented frontline accessibility for students and staff in all campuses
  • Interpreted in 17 post secondary programs to provide the opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to access the same education as their hearing peers.
  • Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service, President 2013 - Present
  • Coordinated and educated clients looking to accessible events and services in the GTA
  • Created schedules for over 20 interpreters in a variety of settings and locations.
  • Administered all administrative duties related to coordinating contract staff
  • Designed and executed four successful professional development opportunities for accessibility service providers.

+ Accessibility Training

  • CHS Certificate - OHRC: The Code and AODA IASR 2014
  • CHS Certificate - AODA at CHS 2014
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations 5 - Transportation Standard
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations 4 - Design of Public Spaces Standard
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations 3 - Employment Standard
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations 2 - Information and Communications Std.
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Accessible Customer Service Regulation
  • CHS Certificate - AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations 1 - General Requirements
  • CHS Certificate - Privacy: Best Practices for Protecting Personal Information
  • CHS Certificate - Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers